The meeting opened with a period of silent worship with 27 present.  Late arrivals brought the total to 33 attendees.

The Clerk read the following aloud:

Queries for the 8th Month:  Social Order

Do you promote social justice and make your life a testimony to fair dealing?  Do you seek to understand and appreciate differing cultures and social values?  Do you support fair treatment of all regardless of race, gender, age and other differences?  Are you concerned for those in our society who are disadvantaged?  Do you take your full share of civic responsibility by voting and giving service?  Do you oppose the use of land, labor, technology and capital for human exploitation or in ways destructive to other living things?

Holding Meeting in the Light

Several Friends begin silent worship ten minutes before noon to ground a worshipful space.  They help to keep Monthly Meeting centered through our discussion.  One member of the Ministry and Worship Committee sits during Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business holding the Meeting in the Light.     

Building Committee

The committee is celebrating its one-year anniversary!

  • The committee has hired the lawyer Lauren McLaughlin (senior lawyer at Briglia McLaughlin PLLC) to review the contract with the owner’s rep and provide specific language where needed.
  • The owner’s rep has responded to the questions raised by Lauren McLaughlin.
  • A revised contract will be forwarded to Trustees no later than Thursday, September 13.
  • Once Trustees have reviewed the contract, it will be sent either back to the Building Committee or to the owner’s rep for consideration.
  • Once both Trustees and the owner’s rep have agreed on the final contract, it will be brought to Business Meeting for information only.

Naming Committee

2018-09-01: The following name was presented for a second reading and was Approved:

Name Committee Term Dates
Amy Thomas Nominating Committee 2018-2021

Nominating Committee

The following names were presented for a first reading:

Name Committee Term Dates
John Stith Assistant Treasurer (continuing) 2019-2020
Reuben Snipper Treasurer  (continuing) 2019-2020
J.D. Gore Outreach and Fellowship Committee 2019-2021
Victor Thuronyi Trustees (continuing) 2019-2021

2018-09-02: The following names were presented for a second reading and were Approved:

Name Committee Term Dates
Alicia McBride Board of Trustees, Friends Community School September 2018 – June 2021
Virginia Bainbridge Board of Trustees, Friends Community School September 2018 – June 2021
Molly Parrish Hospitality Committee (continuing) 2019-2021
Mark Leach Hospitality Committee (continuing) 2019-2021


House and Grounds Report

[see attachment for full report]

The committee’s major recent task was overseeing the waterproofing of the White House foundation.  This was an expensive task but it seems to have been effective.

The Meeting owes the committee much gratitude – much has been accomplished.

Memorial Garden Committee Report

[see attachment for full report]

The committee sponsors two Second Hours each year:

  • A Celebration of Life in November
  • End of life options in the spring

The committee finds itself at a transition point: now that the Memorial Garden has been established, the committee may turn its attention to focus on topics of death and dying.  Several long-time members are soon rolling off the committee.

One Friend commented that the memorial garden serves as an outdoor meeting and worship space in addition to a resting place for departed Friends.

Attenders are encouraged to submit their wishes for a memorial service, commemoration stone in the garden, etc. to the committee.  A form titled Personal Preferences is available on the website.

Minute of Appreciation

Adelphi Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends expresses appreciation for the work of the Memorial Garden Committee.

In addition to supervising the upkeep of the garden by hiring persons to weed the garden and planting trees, and both annual and perennial flowers, the committee has established procedures for the use of the garden, which are in written form.  There is also a book containing biographical sketches pictures and copies of memorial minutes. 

The committee has done research on resources to use in preparation for death, and for surviving family members to use after death. They have prepared several second hours focused on what individuals need to do in preparation for death, including limited guardianship, advanced directive, whether to be remembered in the memorial garden, and any instructions for a memorial meeting.  Information on simple burials and cremation has also been provided.   These second hours have been much appreciated.  A yearly time of remembering Meeting members and others who have died has also occurred under the committee’s leadership.

Friends Community School Board of Trustees:  Update on Search for New Head

The search for the new head of school began in early summer.

Current status:

  • Approximately 30 applications have been received (application deadline is this coming week).
  • Eight candidates have already been interviewed via online conferencing and references are being checked for five of these candidates.   Four of these five have held leadership positions at Quaker schools. The interviews are recorded so that those who cannot attend can review them at a later date.

Next steps:

    1. Next week three or four semi-finalists will be chosen.  These semi-finalists will visit the school, attend classes, and meet with the search committee, the advisory committee, the board of trustees, the financial manager, and the head of school
    2. The finalists selected will return for a second round of meetings; Adelphi attenders will have an opportunity to meet them.
    3. The search committee will present its recommendation to the Board of Trustees for its decision (expected towards the end of 2018).

The search committee is very pleased with the backgrounds and enthusiasm of the applicants.  in the interviews, the search committee has emphasized the following among other points:

    • The progressive nature of the school grows out of its Quaker foundations (not the other way around).
    • The committee is particularly interested in hearing from candidates about ways to infuse Quaker values into the classroom.

One Friend suggested that perhaps finalists could be invited to worship with Adelphi.

Another Friend suggested that an event beyond a meet and greet session – perhaps a presentation by the candidate – would yield valuable information.

Pastoral Care Committee

Update on recent activities:

9 support committees and 2 membership requests are underway.  The membership request process usually takes 3 – 6 months.

The committee continues to hold in the Light all those who have made this request for several months following the original request.

Upcoming activities:

The committee plans to:

  • Conduct a survey on the types of support needed as attenders confront the challenges of aging parents
  • Conduct the regular annual pruning of the membership rolls
  • Overhaul the records retention policy

Finance Committee

The committee is beginning the process to determine the 2019 budget.  The 2018 budget figures will be sent to committee clerks.  The goal is to have the first reading for the 2019 budget at the October business meeting, and the second reading at the November meeting.

Approval of August Minutes

2018-09-03: The August minutes were Approved as presented.

The meeting ended with a period of silent worship.

Paul Jolly, Presiding                                                                                                Amy Greene, Recording