The meeting opened with a period of silent worship with 17 present.  Late arrivals brought the total to 29 attendees.

The Clerk read the following aloud:

We actively oppose all that leads to violence among people and nations and violence to other species and to our planet.  Refusal to fight with weapons is not surrender.   We are not passive when threatened by the greedy, the cruel, the tyrant, and unjust.  We will struggle to remove the causes of impasse and confrontation by every means of nonviolent resistance available.  We must start with our own hearts and minds.   Together let us reject the clamour of fear and listen to the whisperings of hope.

—New Zealand Quakers, 1987

Holding Meeting in the Light

Several Friends begin silent worship ten minutes before noon to ground a worshipful space.  They help to keep Monthly Meeting centered through our discussion.  One member of the Ministry and Worship Committee sits during Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business holding the Meeting in the Light.     

Clerk’s Mail

Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting (Pennsylvania) has approved the request from Janaki Spickard-Keeler to transfer her membership from Adelphi to Chestnut Hill.

Frederick (Maryland) Meeting shared its minute remembering the life of Brenda Broadbent, a longtime member of Frederick Meeting.  Brenda and her husband Richard were married under the care of Adelphi Meeting.

Matti Lau has asked to transfer her membership from Adelphi for Flushing Friends Meeting in Queens, New York.  This request was passed to the Pastoral Care Committee.

Building Committee

The committee has not been able to meet since the last Business Meeting.  The committee will meet on Monday to consider the three proposals they have received from owner’s representatives.

Nominating Committee

The following name was presented for a first reading:

Name Committee Term Dates
Tom Wheeler Adult Religious Education 2018-2020


2018-07-01: The following names were presented for a second reading and were Approved:

Name Committee Term Dates
Myrna Massey Building Committee 2018-2020
Ruth Flower Outreach and Fellowship Committee 2018-2020
Lainie Duncan Pastoral Care Committee 2018-2019
Jade Eaton Adult Religious Education Committee 2018-2020


Ministry and Worship Committee

The committee continues to make plans to address issues raised by feedback when compiling the Spiritual State of the Meeting.  

  1. The Committee is developing queries to guide vocal ministry.  The Committee will sponsor a Second Hour on Sunday, July 29 exploring this topic.
  2. Approaches to After Thoughts/After Words as a supplement to Meeting for Worship are still under consideration; possible formats will be brought to Business Meeting for discussion.
  3. Members of Ministry and Worship will be reaching out to other committees to learn of their activities and needs.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee

The Committee presented three issues for consideration (two of them for approval). 

  1. Request to post of a sign on Adelphi’s property (design provided)

The Committee requested permission to post a sign on Adelphi’s property.  The sign contains the following text in both English and Spanish:

  • Do not mistreat foreigners
  • Treat them as citizens.
  • Love them as yourself

Leviticus 19: 33-34

The sign was designed and executed by one of our Young Friends, Jazmin Vitullo.

The plan is to post a 4’ x 8’ sign on a plywood backing.  A colored copy of the sign was distributed.

Extensive discussion followed, touching on the following points:

  • There are probably Prince Georges County regulations regarding posting of signs.
  • Would smaller, more numerous signs be more effective in spreading the message?
  • Verses in Leviticus have been used as anti-LGBTQ propaganda; others were not comfortable citing a Bible verse as a source.
  • We always talk about more opportunities for outreach to our neighbors:  here it is!
  • The sign design will be available for others to use in different formats and in different locations
  • The text will not be large enough to be read easily from the road.
  • One Friend expressed joy that we will have a sign like this on our property.

2018-07-02: The sign with the design as presented, to be displayed as a 4’ x 8’banner with a hard backing, was Approved with one person standing aside.

  1. Request to change the text/design of the sign occasionally without returning to Business Meeting for approval

Peace and Social Concerns also requested permission to change the banner displayed periodically without returning to Business Meeting each time.  The text would reflect accepted Quaker tenets and would be reviewed by the Clerk or possibly Ministry and Worship in advance.  The Clerk would have the prerogative to ask that the text come to Business Meeting for approval if necessary.

Discussion followed touching on the following points:

  • Changing messages can be an advantage – they can provide a fuller picture of Quaker values
  • The text needs to express the values and leanings of the Adelphi community.
  • The issues minuted over the past few years may provide a guide to Adelphi’s concerns and priorities.

2018-07-03: This request was Approved.

  1. Presentation of three ways for attenders to participate in current activities of the Committee

Three avenues for participating in the work of the Committee were presented:

  1.  Join Peace and Social Concerns Committee (the Committee is currently low in membership)
  2. Volunteer to be a soccer sponsor.  Local middle schoolers need support for soccer teams.  The benefits go far beyond exercise:  stress reduction, a sense of belonging to a group, etc.
  3. Provide data entry support for Casa de Maryland.  This organization could use volunteers for data entry during the week (Monday-Friday 9 AM – 5 PM).  This would be part-time work on flexible schedules with no language requirement.  Casa de Maryland can offer training to the Adelphi group as necessary.

A sign-up sheet is available in the lobby to express interest in these opportunities.

Finance Committee:

Two documents were presented for review:

  • 2018 Budget Report for Q2 (preliminary numbers)
    • Donations from Q1 and Q2 total 50% of the 2018 budget.
    • The aid fund faced unusual demands this year.
    • Amounts budgeted for committees:  committees are urged to undertake their planned activities and not to be too concerned if expenditures exceed budgeted amount (within reason).
  • Assets as of May 31, 2018


Approval of June Minutes

2018-07-04: The June minutes were Approved with edits.

The meeting ended with a period of silent worship.

Carole Hoage, Presiding                                                                                        Amy Greene, Recording