The meeting opened with a period of silent worship with 36 present.  Late arrivals brought the total to 42 attenders.

The Clerk read the following aloud:

Queries for the 12th month:  The environment

Are you concerned for responsible use of natural resources and their nurture for future generations?  Do you try to avoid wasteful consumption and pollution?  Do you seek to preserve the beauty and balance of God’s world?

Holding Meeting in the Light

Several Friends begin silent worship ten minutes before noon to ground a worshipful space.  They help to keep Monthly Meeting centered through our discussion.  One member of the Ministry and Worship Committee sits during Meeting for Worship for the Concern for Business holding the Meeting in the Light.    


Building Committee Update

The committee has interviewed four architectural firms and has narrowed the finalists down to two.

The committee will ask these two finalists to provide:

  1. A proposal for the scope of work
  2. A schedule of tasks
  3. An initial budget
  4. Fees and charges

The committee will review these materials, interview both firms again and make a decision.

The committee has already chosen a civil engineering firm and will be asking for a contract.  Mike Adams, the owner’s representative, is doing a good job of moving the process along efficiently.

Clerk (for Naming Committee)

The following name was presented for a first reading: 

Name Committee Term Dates
Ann Dunne Nominating Committee 2019-2021


Nominating Committee

2018-12-01: The following names were presented for a second reading and were Approved

Name Committee Term Dates
Nancy Cady Peace and Social Concerns Committee 2019-2021
Daquanna Harrison Peace and Social Concerns Committee 2019-2021
Pat Nutter Hospitality Committee (continuing) 2019-2021
Cindy Seals House and Grounds Committee (continuing) 2019-2021


The clerk read a letter from Anna Sommers and Andrew Sommers requesting membership for themselves and for their children Graham Henry Sommers and Helen Margaret Sommers.  This request was passed to the Pastoral Care Committee.

First Day School Committee:  Status Update

The clerk of the committee provided a status of the First Day School.

Adelphi’s First Day School is “internationally known.”  It accommodates about 40 students — and experiences a continual struggle to find the required 35 teachers.

Several steps have been taken to address this deficit:

  • The class for first and second graders has been combined with the class for the fourth through sixth graders, meeting in the library.
  • The nursery group and the kindergarten have been combined in a single classroom with a divider in between.

The First Day School needs to be prepared to accommodate any child who shows up on any given Sunday. Currently the nursery and kindergarten classes are well-attended – and hopefully this group will move up to populate the upper grades.

The administrative burden on the committee is considerable, and the committee is looking for ways to reduce this workload.

Comments from Attenders

The First Day School is not an accident but was built into the fabric of Adelphi from the beginning.

All committees are feeling stretched.  One suggestion:  everyone could add the names of the committee(s) they currently serve on to their nametags.


Provide a stipend to a Meeting member ($5,000/$10,000 per year) to take over the committee’s administrative tasks. This suggestion was forwarded to the Ministry and Worship committee for their deliberation.

Expand the membership of the committee to those without small children to provide fresh perspectives

To create continuity from week to week during the year, possibly the parents could be engaged as partners to help encourage regular attendance.  A high percentage of children who attend are from divorced families and so may lack a consistent Sunday morning routine.  This sporadic attendance disrupts the curriculum as teachers can’t count on a stable group from week to week.

2018-12-02 A minute of appreciation for the outgoing committee clerk Ken Leonard for his extensive efforts was Approved.

Friends Community School / New Head of School

Angela Garcia (pronounced gar-sha) has been appointed the new head of school.  She will assume her duties on July 1, 2019.  See biographical information attached.

Approval of November Minutes

2018-12-03: The November minutes were Approved as presented.

Adult Religious Education Committee:  Report to Business Meeting

The report of the committee was read aloud.  See report attached.

The meeting ended with a period of silent worship.

Paul Jolly, Presiding                                                                        Amy Greene, Recording