The meeting opened with a period of silent worship with 11 present.  Late arrivals brought the total to 26 attendees.

The Clerk read the following aloud:

Queries for the 8th month:  Outreach

Do you, as the way opens, share Friends’ principles with non-Friends?  Do you witness to your Quaker faith by letting your life speak?  Do you make non-Friends welcome in your meetings for worship?  Do you find ways to encourage their continued attendance?   

Holding Meeting in the Light

Several Friends begin silent worship ten minutes before noon to ground a worshipful space.  They help to keep Monthly Meeting centered through our discussion.  One member of the Ministry and Worship Committee sits during Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business holding the Meeting in the Light.    

Building Committee

The committee is evaluating the contract from one of the owner’s representatives.  When this review is finished, the contract will go to Trustees for review, back to the owner’s rep for any requested changes, and then will be brought to Business Meeting.  Business Meeting will be invited to approve the contract without revisions.

Requests for Membership

The Clerk read aloud the letter requesting membership from Mike Mangiaracina. This request was passed to the Pastoral Care Committee.

The Clerk read aloud the letter requesting membership from Diana Rutherford. Diana also requested associate membership for her children Christina and Renny.  This request was passed to the Pastoral Care Committee. 

Nominating Committee

The following names were presented for a first reading:

Name Committee Term Dates
Alicia McBride Board of Trustees, Friends Community School September 2018 – June 2021
Virginia Bainbridge Board of Trustees, Friends Community School September 2018 – June 2021
Molly Parrish Hospitality Committee (continuing) 2019-2021
Mark Leach Hospitality Committee (continuing) 2019-2021

2018-08-01: The following name was presented for a second reading and was Approved:

Name Committee Term Dates
Tom Wheeler Adult Religious Education 2018-2020

Update on Status of Prince Georges County Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) Chapter

The Industrial Areas Foundation is a network of local faith and community-based organizations that fosters action on critical social issues. Founded by Saul Alinsky, the IAF currently has three chapters in Maryland. IAF, completely non-partisan, played an important role in the Maryland gubernatorial race, holding 5000 listening sessions across the state and developing a nine-issue agenda that candidates were asked to address.

Two requests:

  1. Could Ministry and Worship designate which committees might be involved in considering Adelphi’s participation in a new Maryland chapter?  (Possibly Peace and Social Concerns, Ministry and Worship, Outreach and Fellowship)
  2. Can $2,000 be added to the 2019 budget (as an on-going expense) for Adelphi to become a member?

Comments touched on the necessity for this initiative to go through the regular seasoning process and the opportunity this could provide to engage with the wider community.

This request was passed on to Ministry and Worship.

Formation of Ad Hoc Working Group on End of Life Concerns

End-of-life option legislation supporting medical aid in dying has been introduced recently in Maryland and will probably be reintroduced in 2019.  Such legislation has already been passed in a number of states including California, Oregon, and the District of Columbia.

The formation of an ad hoc working group would:

  • Facilitate discussion of a minute addressing this issue
  • Collect information and report back to Business Meeting on ways to further discussion of this issue at Adelphi

Extensive discussion followed. Several Friends objected to focusing on a minute on this topic before a wider discussion had taken place, allowing for seasoning of a possible minute.

2018-08-02: The formation of such a committee was Approved.

It was then suggested that this ad hoc committee needed a charge.

2018-08-02: After considerable discussion, the following charge was Approved with one Friend expressing objection but not standing in the way:


  1. Facilitate discussion within the Meeting on end0of life option legislation
  2. Report to Business Meeting on what an appropriate structure for end-of-life issues would be for Adelphi, in consultation with relevant committees

Clerk’s Mail

Janaki Spickard-Keeler reported that Chestnut Hill Friends Meeting (Pennsylvania) has accepted her transfer of membership from Adelphi to Chestnut Hill.  Janaki is now the editor for the Pendle Hill pamphlets and, in thanks for Adelphi’s support, has given Adelphi a free one-year subscription.

Larry Clements sent a note thanking Adelphi for its donation of $10,000 to the FCS Blackburn Fund.  This represents one half of Adelphi’s annual donation to this fund.

Approval of July Minutes

2018-08-02: The July minutes were Approved as presented.

The meeting ended with a period of silent worship.

Paul Jolly, Presiding                                                                                    Amy Greene, Recording