Youth Grants

On Dec. 9, 2007, Adelphi Friends Meeting approved a program which would provide financial grants to young people wanting to participate in work camps and service projects that address social concerns and build peace.

Young People Eligible

The grants are available to student members or attenders of Adelphi Friends Meeting and students, former students, and graduates of Friends Community School through senior year in college.

Grant Amounts

Most grants given will be in amounts up to $1,000.  AFM’s Peace and Social Concerns Committee will consider applications for sums larger than $1,000, but only under exceptional circumstances and only with well-presented justifications from the applicant. Approved grants will be made directly to the work camp or other organization under which the service is performed.

Both Quaker and Non-Quaker Camps/Projects Eligible

Preference will be given to funding participation in Quaker-sponsored work camps and service projects, but consideration will be given on an application-by-application basis to grant requests for other responsible organizations carrying out similar programs.

Need to Supply Information about the Camps/Projects

For grants for a Quaker-sponsored work camp or service project, applicants need to submit a letter describing the funding requested, the reasons why the applicant wants to pursue this activity, the name of and details about the Quaker work camp/service project, and a copy of the descriptive information about the program that specifies the financial information and substantiates the funding request at the level being sought.

For applications for work camps/service projects that are not sponsored by or affiliated with the Religious Society of Friends, applicants need to submit a convincing essay of 250-500 words explaining why they feel led to pursue this opportunity and how this opportunity speaks to their spiritual journey. Applicants need to provide sufficient details of the organization leading the work camp or service project to substantiate that it is a legitimate, responsible, safe, well-managed, and appropriately insured entity.

Plan to Share Your Learning When You Return

In return for the grant funding, AFM asks that young Friends report back within six months of completion of the work camp or service project so that the Meeting, or P&SC on behalf of the Meeting, might enrich the community by learning from and sharing the recipient’s experiences. Your application or essay must include a general plan for reporting back, including the approximate date on which you would like to report.  Reporting back should occur in the context of a whole-Meeting event such as a potluck or fellowship.  P&SC will work with you to determine the exact time and occasion for your presentation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are grants only for Quaker youth?

No. The work camp/service project grants will be awarded to both Quaker and non-Quaker youngsters up through the senior year in college.  Preference will be given to members and attenders of Adelphi Friends Meeting, and students, former students, and graduates of Friends Community School, which is under the care of AFM.

Is an essay required for the grant?

See the section in the application titled “Need to Supply Information about the Camps/Projects.” Applicants need to put into writing why they wish to participate in the work camp/service project, explaining simply but directly how the proposed camp speaks to their spiritual journey or need.

Is the grant only $1,000?

No.  Applicants can apply for any portion of money up to $1,000.  Requests for less than $1,000 are appropriate.  For grants over $1,000, applicants must explain convincingly and in detail the reasoning behind the need.

When must the project be completed?

The project needs to be completed in the corresponding calendar year.

What parameters define acceptable projects?

The committee looks to young Friends to imagine their own service/work camp projects, whether it’s a long-time program from a mature organization or something ad lib. For example, one group of youngsters wants a small grant to pay for the dry cleaning of used clothing they’ve collected for the poor.

The imagination is the only limit – that, and convincing the committee of the worth of the project and its ‘spiritual value’ to the young Friends.

What about group applications?

Applications from groups – schools? First day classes? – must include a brief section from each participant explaining what he/she hopes to achieve/learn from the work project.