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Adelphi Friends Meeting

Worship: 10 am Sunday

2303 Metzerott Rd.
Adelphi, Maryland 20783
(301) 445-1114







Information for Newcomers

First Day School play time at Adelphi Friends Meeting, 2013-01-06

The Meeting for Worship

Our Meetings for Worship have no human leader and no prearranged program.  They are based on expectant waiting rooted in silence.  We believe that the Divine Light dwells in the hearts of all people.  We seek to center inwardly and experience the immediate presence of that Divine Spirit, allowing it to gather us in worship together.  We expect silence to prevail during most of the Meeting.  Although no one comes to the Meeting for Worship with an intention to speak or not to speak, anyone who feels so moved by the Spirit Within may rise to offer vocal minister.  These messages are spontaneous and are usually brief and followed by silence which allows all to reflect inwardly on their meaning.  While in worship, we do not debate issues nor do we hold a forum for current events.

This unprogrammed form of worship is our way of saying that God works through all of us and ministry is the responsibility of all.  We often find that the simple, deeply felt message of one not used to speaking in public is as moving and helpful as that of a more practiced speaker, and we believe that worship is nurtured by those not called to speak as well as by those who are.  Worship concludes with handshaking initiated by the Clerk.  A period of announcements follows during which visitors are invited to introduce themselves.

We hope you will find strength and peace while you worship with us.  If you are able to stay after worship, we would enjoy the opportunity to get to know you better.

Children's Religious Education

First Day School is held every Sunday during the school year (see schedule).  During the summer months, children play under the supervision of adults.  The nursery provides year-round care for babies during Meeting for Worship and Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business, as well as during Second Hours.

Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business

The Monthly Meeting for Worship for the Conduct of Business, held on the Second Sunday of each month (see schedule), is the basic working unit of the Religious Society of Friends, attending to any business or concern presented to it by the Meeting Committees or the Clerk.  We transact business not by majority rule, but rather by seeking the “sense of the Meeting” of the will of God concerning the issues that are brought before us.  In this process, arising from a worshipful silence, we strive toward a full understanding of and unity on decisions by all present.

All are welcome.


The work and much of the fellowship of our community is carried on in committees.  We do not employ a paid minister.  Committee meetings are usually open and we encourage you to ask about committees that interest you.  Formal membership is not a requirement for involvement in most committee work.  (More information on Committees at Adelphi)


We welcome contributions to Adelphi Monthly Meeting.  They can be left in the small metal box in the alcove of the lobby or given directly to the Treasurer.  Our life together — our buildings, our programs, our outreach — require substantial financial support, which we welcome on a regular basis. Our budget and other information from Finance Committee is available here.


We welcome inquiries about membership in the Religious Society of Friends.  We do not, however, consider membership an obligation for those wishing to share in the activities of our Meeting.  Each must follow their own leading in this regard.  Many among us have participated in the Meeting as “attenders,” not feeling led to seek membership.  While we have no creed or dogma, we do have queries or questions that help us to reflect on the fundamental nature of our lives and beliefs.  We seek to live by certain broad principles of faith and practice that afford us an essential basis for unity:  a belief in “that of God” in every person and a commitment to the deep and penetrating reality of worship that opens us to the claims of Light in our life, both inward and outward.  We bring to our worship a wide variety of religious experience.  We are nourished and stretched by various expression of Truth among us.  We encourage attenders who are interested in membership to take the time they need to experience the many aspects of Friends’ life together and to read about the history, faith, and practice of Friends before applying for membership. More information about membership is available here.

White House Resident

A Friend lives on the upper floor of the white house adjacent to the Meeting House, who provides a practical and helpful presence to the Meeting in a variety of ways.  The resident schedules use of the Meeting facilities, answers the Meeting House phone (301-445-1114), as well as other duties.

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