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Even One Life…

Statement by Adelphi Friends Meeting on Gun Violence, Hate Crimes, and Racism

Approved November 15, 2016

We are deeply disturbed by ongoing gun violence in this country, the senseless killing of children, young women and men, fathers and sons, daughters and mothers, citizens and police officers. There are no words to express what is lost when even one life is needlessly cut short.

Gun violence, hate crimes, and racism are intimately linked problems whose causes are deeply rooted in structural inequality, cultural practices, and individual fear. The complexity and seeming intractability of these problems must not lead us to despair. The most fitting expression of our grief and outrage over violence, hate, and racism in our communities is spirit-filled action to work for peace and justice. Identifying and implementing solutions must begin with careful listening and be based in love.

As Quakers, we believe in that of God in every person, regardless of race, class, creed, sexual orientation, gender identification, disability, or immigration status. We believe there is that of God in people who are targets of violence as well as those who engage in violence.

Adelphi Friends Meeting seeks partnerships with organizations and individuals with the goal of collaboratively identifying and implementing concrete actions that foster love where there is racism, understanding where there is hatred, and peace where there is violence.

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