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Travel Directions

Located a few miles north of Washington, D.C., the Meeting House is between Riggs and Adelphi Roads, near the University of Maryland.  From Maryland Route 650 (New Hampshire Ave), go east on Metzerott Rd; the Meeting House is on the right, one block past the (first) traffic signal at Riggs.


Adelphi Friends Meeting is 1½ miles from the University of Maryland University College on Campus Drive. This route has sidewalks except for the last block before the Meeting House.


To travel to Adelphi Friends Meeting by public transportation, you can chart your course using the Metro Trip Planner or contact John Stith for directions at or 301-502-3634.

From many locations, the best public-transportation option on Sundays is to travel by Metrorail to Fort Totten. Take the Metrobus R2 for about 25 minutes and then get off the bus at the Apache Street stop. Go one block on Apache Street and the Meeting House will be on the hill on your left. Please note the blocks immediately surrounding our Meeting House have no sidewalks.

If you are traveling from one of these neighborhoods, you may have other options:

The Metro Trip Planner can also show ways to travel to our Meeting for Worship in less than an hour, using a bus-to-bustransfer, from Four Corners, Brightwood, Prince George's Plaza, Riverdale Park, and New Carrollton.

Several other routes serve our neighborhood on weekdays: Metrobus C8 and Ride On 24 (which also run on Saturdays), Metrobus K9, and UM-Shuttle 108.



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